PUEBLO LA ESTRELLA - Car, Jeep, Scooter and Bicycle Rental

Average prices (2012) for rentals are:
Jeep: 55 CUC/day (insurance included) for the first 100 Km and then 0.35 CUC per extra kilometer.
Car: Prices varies according to size and model (~50 to 100 CUC) per day.
Scooter: 13 CUC for 1 hour + 2 CUC per additional hour, 30 CUC for 24 hours.
Bicycles: 3 CUC for 3 hours, or 5 CUC for the day (hours of rental are from 9am to 3pm).

Most cars and jeeps have manual transmission. To rent a car or jeep you need to provide a driver's license (from your home country) and your passport (a photocopy is sufficient). To rent a scooter you need only your passport (or photocopy). To rent a bicycle they usually ask only for your name, hotel and room number. Jeep and cars are rented with a full tank of gasoline and you must return it full. There's only one gas station near the resorts, it's located across from the small local airport on Cayo Las Brujas (the islet next to Cayo Santa Maria). Helmets are provided when renting a scooter.

Car and Scooter Rental pueblo la Estrella  

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